About six miles of Daroca, Manchones is nestled in a beautiful landscape of enormous interest Jiloca riverside. It has ancient ruins, a site called Valdeager celtibérico located on a hilltop amesetado, with similar characteristics to other environment.

The parish church dedicated to the Conversion of Saint Paul, located in the center of town, known for its restored tower of three bodies at the foot of the building in capital topped pyramid. Built in brick and mud, housed inside a chalice and an interesting Gothic wood carving XV century depicting Christ crucified.

Emphasize the Baroque chapel Virgen del Pilar, in the late eighteenth century and the hermitage of San Roque, the town hall and peirones of San Pablo, San Vicente and San Gregorio.
Regarding water architecture, the main channel runs along the ditch Monteagudo, right outside Jiloca.
As architectural highlight an aqueduct over the railway, the flour mill and two sources, one monumental type, built in the eighteenth century ashlar stone.
Iglesia de la Conversión de San Pablo
Vista con Manchones de fondo
Vistas desde el pueblo
Ermita de la Virgen del Pilar
Iglesia de la Conversión de San Pablo
Detalle de la Campana de la Iglesia

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