Near the town has a Roman town so the town's name is clearly linked to its origins. Occupied for centuries by Muslims, was also important during the Reconquista and later during the wars between Castile Aragóny.

Are large enclosure walls XIV century castle, which lies within the parish church of St. Peter the Apostle, the sixteenth century. It is necessary to emphasize the beautiful Mudejar tower square and military home built around 1400. Among its main features include the displaying decor reflected in virtually all ornaments that were used at the time to the geometry of the brick, except for the wax mica. Inside the temple, you can see altarpieces of the XVI, XVII and XVIII.
They also retain a beautiful chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Remedies and several peirones: the Virgen del Pilar, San Martiny the Peirón of Entrecaminos.
Special mention Roman source on which there is a legend and the famous old Roman mill, located at the crossroads Villadoz entity, Romans, and Badules Villarroya Field.
Torre mudéjar de la Iglesia de San Pedro Apostol
Detalle casa Romanos
Detalle de la cúpula de la Iglesia.
Fuente romana
Detalle de decoración mudéjar de la torre
Campo de Romanos
Iglesia de San Pedro Apostol
Torre mudéjar
Detalle de la torre mudéjar

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