The remains of the medieval castle s. XIV, quadrilateral small plant, about 25 m. per 15 m. but fortified by a tower at each corner, entity and its walls still standing part of the original construction, one of the defensive enclaves and control major Daroca Community against the continuous incursions of Spanish troops.

The church is dedicated to St. James, built in the late s. XV of late Gothic altarpieces highlighting several of the Virgen del Rosario s. XVIII, San Fabiany San Sebastián s. XVIII and San Antonio s. XIX.
Had two chapels, San Pedro del s. XVII, now in ruins and the chapel dedicated to the Virgen del Pilar built in 1709 on the remains of the old chapel Virgen de la Fuente, 1540, highlighting the altarpiece of s. XVII.
Formeristen two peirones, in honor of Our Lady of Pilar and San Roque and San Lamberto.
Iglesia de Santiago Apostol
Detalle de una casa del pueblo
Detalle de una casa del pueblo
Iglesia de Santiago Apostol y al fondo restos de castillo medieval
Detalle de una puerta
Sierra cercana a Santed
Detalle de una calle del pueblo

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