Torralba de los Frailes

Located next to the kingdom of Castile, the Community of Daroca and Calatayud, Torralba was founded on a hill. Being located in frontier lands in Torralba defensive castle was constructed around s. XIV, which was annexed along with the parish church and the old cemetery. Today, the castle is a private residence.

A level religious heritage, highlighting the church of Our Lady La Blanca, entirely rebuilt in the Baroque style in 1660 that belonged to the Military Religious Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Its tower, "Dawn" is part of the old city walls.
There are three chapels, the chapel of San Juan, the shrine of the Virgin of henbane Virgen de la O (XVIII) and finally the Chapel of Santo Cristo.
With respect to architecture, has five peirones, San Francisco, San Antonio, San Blas, Los Santos and Virgen del Pilar.
On their way through the lands of Torralba de los Frailes and Liestos Aldehuela of stone river breaks through creating spectacular canyons and meanders, the Piedra River Gorges (LIC).
This is an area of ​​great contrasts, with dense coastal forests where we can enjoy the song of blackbirds or nightingales or steep walls that are home to numerous rock-dwelling birds, among which are the Griffon vulture. We can make long-distance routes and routes of 38 climbing routes marked. There are two panoramic viewpoints, "Vultures" and "Reconquillo", showing the beauty of this unique landscape.
Paisaje en las hoces del rio piedra
Retablo de la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora La Blanca
Detalle de la población
Hoces del rio piedra (Zona escalada)
Detalle de una casa del pueblo
Hoces del rio piedra
Iglesia de Nuestra Señora La Blanca
Detalle de la Iglesia
Interior de la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora La Blanca
Hoces del rio piedra
Hoces del rio piedra
Detalle del pueblo
Hoces del rio piedra

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