Municipality located in the foothills of the Sierra Modorra. The parish church of San Lorenzo is one of the most significant buildings. Baroque style of the s. XVI-XVII, has an octagonal tower and beautiful Mudejar plasterwork.

It also has a good collection of retablos, among which stands out for its artistic quality and seniority, the Gothic altarpiece of San Blas (XV century), attributed to Juan de Bonilla, Santa Ana Renaissance type; San Lorenzo baroque type, etc.

Next to the church is preserved the old laundry and also kept in good condition in San Ramon Nonato peirones or "Pillar" in the way of Elbows and San Roque, at the edge of town to Langa del Castillo.

Torralbilla was while the industrial hub of the region, at that time the manufacture of lime andTexas was the basis of its economy to mid twentieth century. Today, the town retains its flourishing past buildings.
In the municipality find beautiful spots in the mountains and Valdeyermo La Dehesa, and also in the pine forest known as Las Hoyas, the usual fate of neighbors and visitors trips.
Detalle casa del pueblo
Iglesia parroquial dedicada a San Lorenzo
Casa del pueblo
Plaza del pueblo
Torre de la Iglesia de San Lorenzo.
Detalle gótico del interior de la Iglesia de San Lorenzo
Detalle gótico del interior de la Iglesia de San Lorenzo
Detalle de la Iglesia de San Lorenzo
Retablo de Juan de Bonilla

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