Used is characterized as a people rich in traditions as representing its Easter, with biblical figures from the Old and New Testaments, the old Bowls practiced by women, or exemplary management and sustainable Zaida lagoon that since the sixteenth century, is regulated by the stop, a dam that opens allowing the filling or drying of the arable land. Near the Laguna can find the "Zaida Caves" that can be covered partially and the ruins of the church of Santiago.

The parish church of San Pedro and San Pablo, late Gothic, has altarpieces of the XVII and XVIII addition altarpiece by Juan Miguel Orliens. Her beautiful body has been recently restored.
Following the architecture, retains some peirones (Virgen del Pilar, Virgen del Carmen, VirginRosario ...), and the shrine of the Virgin of La Olmeda, shared with Santed.
Other hydraulic elements are your Refrigerator sixteenth century, one of the best examples of the region converted to center interpretacióny an old stone fountain.
It has two candies, one of the Roscón S. Vicente, which is made in the village bakery the day of the festival (January 22) and "The Bollote" coinciding with the feast of Corpus, made to order at the bakery.
casas de los siglos XVI y XVIII
Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo
Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo
Juego de Bolos
Casa de la Mona o la Casa Consistorial
Organo Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo
Detalle casa Used
Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo
Nevera de Used
Laguna de la Zaida
Interior de nevera de Used
Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo
Casas de los siglos XVI y XVIII

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