Villar de los Navarros

Village located at the foot of the Sierra de Herrera, left Cameras River. Villar of Navarre, whose name betrays the restocking medieval origin, is rich in history, since there was fought one of the most crucial battles of the First Carlist War, which could be crucial to the Crown Spain.

In Navarros Villar of the church of San Pedro, built on the original church s Mudejar. XV and rebuilt in the s. XVIII. Retains original Moorish tower of the fourteenth century with a beautiful tracery, BIC declared and included in the list of World Heritage and National Monument. It houses an interesting museum that houses a collection of religious art.

Furthermore, we find two chapels; Santa Barbara's s. XVII or Santa Ana The town has nine beautiful peironesWith invocations to St. George and St. Anthony of Padua, patron saints for excellence.
A must to Calvary, located on one of the hills that surround it. The ride to ascend to the impressive image of Christ the Redeemer that culminates, is marked by a succession of stations representing twelve peirones, with scenes from the Passion of Christ, offering a beautiful view.
A level of pilgrimages, the Villar shared with other municipalities the shrine of the Virgin de Herrera, where you can see a beautiful panorama over 1300 m. high with a lookout interpretive.
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Torre Mudéjar
Detalle de una casa
Detalle de una casa
Detalle de la Iglesia de San Pedro
Torre Mudejar
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Reloj solar
Detalle de una casa
Detalle de la Iglesia
Detalle Torre Mudejar
Torre mudéjar

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