El Milagro de los Corporales de Daroca

The Miracle of the Corporals of Daroca

The Miracle of the Corporals of Daroca, happened in 1239 as part of the Christian reconquest of the Iberian peninsula, turned Daroca into an important place of worship and pilgrimage, one of the most famous religious centers of the Middle Ages.

The miracle took place not in Daroca but near Valencia, specifically in Pueyo de Chiva, where the nobleman Berenguer de Entenza led companies arrived from Daroca, Calatayud and Teruel to harass Muslims to the south of river Júcar after the conquest of Valencia by king Jaime I in 1238.
Muslims gathered an important host and besieged Christians in Pueyo.

Berenguer de Entenza, in view of the siege, ordered Mosen Mateo, a priest from the San Cristobal Church of Daroca, to celebrate a mass. During the mass and just at the moment the priest raised the corporal cloth that contains six communion wafer, everybody saw that the hosts were soaked in blood ... The incident is regarded as a miracle and, as a consecuence of the wonder, the Christians thrown themselves to the fight led by the priest who, riding on a white donkey, shows during the battle the bloodstained hosts. Muslims were completely defeated.

After the victory the disputes about who should take the corporal cloth with the bloodstained hosts to his hometown emerges. It was decided to place the cloth on a mule and left her to wander any wich way. The mule dropped down dead at the main door of the San Marcos Church, today Convent of Sisters of Santa Ana, near the Low Door of Daroca. The corporal cloth remained there for many years until it was moved to the Santa Maria Church.

This story figure in the "Charter of Chiva", a document dated on 1340, sent by the council of this Valencian town and kept in the College Archive of Daroca. Since then the Corporal Cloth became the quintessential symbol of Daroca and its most universal distinguishing element

The most important day during the village holidays is the Thursday of Corpus Christi and the main event is the procession that goes from the Santa Maria Church to the outskirts of the city, where every year takes place a sermon since, at least, 1414.

El milagro de los corporales de Daroca
El milagro de los corporales de Daroca
El milagro de los corporales de Daroca
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