En la Laguna de Gallocanta

At the Gallocanta Lake

Gallocanta Lake Traverse is an immersion in nature in all its aspects, flora, fauna, life forms. To help visitors to discover every corner we have a choice of tours.

For hikers are guided tour "The Smell of Salt", as the name indicates the route runs along the Gallocanta lake, discovering its mysteries, odor, salinity, history, until the formation ... Aguanares observatory where you can observe the birds of the era and the unique vegetation that surrounds, very interesting route for amateurs and experts alike.

Duration: 2 hours

Difficulty: suitable for all ages.

Offer: hiking

Price: inquire asage

Outputs in spring and summer: Saturday (10.30hynbsp, 18h), Sunday (10:30 a.m.)

Departures otoño - winter: Saturday (12 am and 4:30 p.m.), Sunday (12am)

Do not forget to book a day in advance, date and time of visit.

Phone: 976 803 069 email: ofgallocanta@comarcadedaroca.com

If instead we like the story we offer a guided tour "Almenas, Fights and Fighters", where we will know the past history of several nearby towns, buildings, defense, special constructions and their uses.

The visit begins in the ruins of the castle of Berrueco with a reading of landscape Gallocanta lake, following the path of the Cid visit the lagoon and Zaida Used refrigerator.

After learning the old way of life and actsl will approach Guialguerrero Lake, where waterfowl observe very closely. Visit the exhibition hall on the Great Bustard in The Cuerlas and finally, a visit to the center of comparative interpretation of the Gallocanta lake where we can appreciate the details of the species observed during our tour.

Duration: 4 hours

Difficulty: suitable for all ages

Offer: car-hiking

Price: ask for age

Departures: Sundays (10am)

Do not forget to book a day in advance.

Phone: 976 803 069  E-mail: ofgallocanta@comarcadedaroca.com

Centro de interpretación

If you want a guided tour to educational groups, or bad weather conditions you to book the tour, do not hesitate, we have prepared an alternative visittive for those special occasions.



Impresionantes cielos en Gallocanta
Grullas en formación
Laguna de Gallocanta
Sala expositiva sobre la avutarda en Las Cuerlas
Atardecer en Gallocanta
Cielos de Gallocanta
Atardecer en Gallocanta
Grullas en los campos de la laguna
Grullas en Gallocanta
Sala expositiva sobre la avutarda en Las Cuerlas
Laguna de Gallocanta
Avutardas en las inmediaciones de la Laguna
Sala expositiva sobre la avutarda en Las Cuerlas
Grullas comiendo
Sala expositiva sobre la avutarda en Las Cuerlas
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