What is Geocahing?

Geocaching GPS or Gymkhana is the activity of hiding and finding "treasures" in any place with the help of a GPS.

It consists, by a person, to hide objects in the field or in the city and then write down the coordinates of that point using a GPS receiver and public ones (usually in specialized web sites) for other people can conduct your search.

In these places the coordinates are published, people can go to see hidden treasures near your home or any area where you take a trip. The brand label who is one of these treasures, can be an object of this but instead have to let one of equal or greater value for the next visitor.

The Shire of Daroca and Geocaching


The County participates in this Daroca Gymkhana mode, which entertains both adults and to kids. A nice way of sightseeing and hiking while having fun and playing outdoors.

Throughout the region are different cachéso treasure, do you dare to find them???

Existing caches:

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