Painting and Gothic art of the Campo de Daroca figure prominently in the testimonies of medieval Spanish art.

In the heat of the ecclesiastical revenues from nearby villages, livestock activity and commercial prosperity of the city, Daroca enjoyed its period of greatest splendor cultural and economic development during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, becoming a of the most important cities of Aragon. Here they established their workshop prestigious artists who were creating an important historical and artistic heritage that graced both the city and many towns in the region.

The famous miracle of the Body, which occurred in 1237, was inspired much of the late medieval art darocense.

Daroca city and its region have a magnificent Gothic heritage. Above even valuable samples of architecture (churcheschurches with starry vault Santed, The Cuerlas and Romans), sculpture (Chapel of the Body) and jewelry, painting religious Gothic altarpieces reached their highest levels of quality tea technique and visual spectacle.

Therefore, this site can be considered today as one of the best moreand territories Gothic painting in the world.

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