Pasaporte Senderista 2018 - 2019

Passport Walker

From sports and tourism departments of the District of Daroca, we launched the "Passport Hiking".
What is?
We prepared five old ways by different sites of the region where we walk and know the environment, to the output of each of these routes stamp the passport and we will provide the number of paths that each one has performed may benefit from a hefty discount on Walker Road Regional in early May 2014.
What is the cost?
Each of the old ways will cost € 4, which may be paid in cash at the Daroca tourist office along with the registration form.
They can sign up at 5 routes at once, or go pointing than one to anaccording to their availability.
In the registration form is all detailed information, and you can ask Daroca Sports Center or the Office of Tourism Daroca.
The dates and routes are as follows:
September 22 - Murero
November 10 - Fombuena
December 15 - Orcajo
January 26 - Cerveruela
March 23 - Daroca - Anento
Do not miss this opportunity ... I hope.
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