Since the Middle Ages, the mills have always been located in areas close to rivers or ditches. Also this has been the case of Daroca where, from 1864 until today, it is located the historic flour mill Lozano. Their specialty flours production stands out for its fineness, strength, whiteness and performance, and supplies other local industries.

Also near the river Jiloca is the Pastas Alimenticias Romero Factory, which dates back to 1926, when D. Manuel Romero Marqués founded the company, a small workshop. The company, continuously adapting to technological advances, has been consolidated decade after decade, generation after generation, introducing in the national and international market.

Currently they send products to more than thirty countries and participate in the most important food fairs in the world.

They work four different brands with its own characteristics (Romero, Mi Pasta, Da Rocca and En Forma), with a wide kaleidoscope of shapes and colors that give personality to the local cuisine.


 Avda. de Madrid, 43 - 50360 DAROCA 
Teléfonos:  976 80 01 05  / 976 80 00 85
Fax: 976 80 09 87


Pastas Romero
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