The trajectory of Manuel Segura Pastry is somewhat similar to the Pasta Factory. Since the first Manuel Segura (Esteban) established his Zuquerería in 1874, the business, which is one of the oldest in Spain, has passed from father to son, customizing their products according to seasons and public and diversifying supply according to demand.

Successive generations of artisans of this family have been pastry chefs and confectioner masters as well as bakers and chocolate makers. Intrinsically linked to Daroca and its region, they have been able to combine tradition and vanguard, to create specialties that suggest places and cultures, having earned, over time, the adjective "typìcal". For example, the "almojábanas arabescas", the "Rosquillas de Daroca" or the delicious "Mudéjares".

Since 2002, this family offers the public visiting Daroca the curious Bakery Museum, a tribute not only to their own family but the entire profession.

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En Daroca

  • Tienda
    C/ Mayor, 63
    50360 Daroca (Zaragoza)
  • Obrador
    Pol. Ind. Daroca, parcela 6.
    50360 Daroca (Zaragoza) 
    Tlf.: 976 80 03 17 / Fax: 976 80 10 41
  • Museo de la Pastelería Manuel Segura
    C/ Santa Lucía, 28
    50360 Daroca (Zaragoza)

En Zaragoza

  • Tienda
    C/ Eduardo Dato, 1 
    Tlf.: 976 21 53 36
    50005 Zaragoza
  • Tienda
    C/ Pintor Antonio Saura, 2
    Tlf.:976 74 05 93
    50015 Zaragoza
  • Tienda
    C/ Carmelo Betoré, 7 
    Tlf.: 976 39 9 336
    50014 Zaragoza

En Cariñena

  • Tienda
    C/ Reinanta, 1 
    Tlf.: 976 62 05 57
    50400 Cariñena

Pastelería de Manuel Segura
Pastelería de Manuel Segura
Yema tostada tableta
Pastelería de Manuel Segura
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Pastelería de Manuel Segura
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Negro y guirlache
Rosquillas de Daroca
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