With limited resources and little tradition in the area about the family Diarte, Langa del Castillo, has managed to become part of the dining scene in the region through the kindness of their goat cheese prepared following the traditional method and the traditional recipes of the "grandmother".

There is a large company.

Account, mainly raw materials from their herds of goats, fed on the plains surrounding their village. They make natural goat cheese and fresh, perfect for salads, and others, pressed and desuerados more suitable for frying. Once processed, a member of the family is devoted to its distribution comercializacióny personally.

Tesóny working with honesty and offering quality products is as have been disclosed in the Shire of Daroca and neighboring regions.
There is no doubt dand the goat cheese Langa Castle are a perfect complement to products made with flour and sweet rich territory.

Dirección: Barrio alto 14
Localidad: Langa del Castillo
email: quesosdiarte@gmail.com

Quesos Diarte
Quesos Diarte
Quesos Diarte
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